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…that is LOVE

"In the script it said that my character was crying, in the stage direction. And the minute that an actor reads that they’re supposed to cry, it puts a giant weight on their shoulders. So I got emotional a couple times, and it was okay, and then I started to dry up, and it started to become like I was pushing and forcing tears, it was no good. My friend Matt Del Negro directed me while I was on camera, and he said, “We got the crying. I think you should get mad at him.” And it didn’t seem right. He says, “You’re frustrated, you don’t want to be in this house, you don’t want to do this.” I said, “Okay,” I just trusted him. And in the editing room, I was like well, we won’t go with the yelling, the crying is what’s written. But it never worked, so we said, “You know, Matt made me get angry at him, let’s look at those takes.” And that’s what we went with. It’s a great example of when you think it’s one way, “No, no, no, it’s gotta be like this,” and then it turns out you just need options."
- Chris Messina (via mindyanddannyfineanddandy)
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Which season do you prefer? I personally loved S1 much better. I mean, I still love S2 but I didn't like how they just cut off Mindy's best friends on the show. Some of the funniest scenes were with her friends. I understand that the show is focusing more on the work drama, but it'd be nice if they showed Mindy's friends be involved with her personal life. & what frustrates me is they don't even explain why her friends are never around & don't even acknowledge them. Lastly, great blog!

i’ll have to think about which season i like most but my favorite episode will always be the pilot. it was so perfect and had this really sweet romcom movie feel to it and seemed to perfectly encapsulate the whole feel that mindy said she wanted for the show. and i did at first think it was better as just a workplace comedy without her friends, but i have started to miss her interacting with other women who aren’t weird employees.

but then again i love the addition of peter! man this is hard. i think season two is technically better because they haven’t messed with the episode order too much so it makes more sense, but season one had all that amazing mindy/danny tension and non-work friendships. i’m gonna say season one. and thank you. 

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mindy should just marry morgan so he can take care of his queen forever

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You’re like a pelican in a fishing net right now!

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Mindy Kaling | People Magazine’s “Not a Drop of Makeup”

Mindy Kaling | People Magazine’s “Not a Drop of Makeup”

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I love TMP but one thing I see critics complaining about is how fast things go. Mindy's constantly dating and it is hard to tell a sense of time. Like when Mindy come back from Haiti to when Casey comes back her hair grows noticeably, how long was that? And we got one episode of D/M but she hadn't been home in 3 days so how long was that? I think if the time btwn eps was more established M wouldn't seem so... undecided? frivolous? What do you think?


I … agree. 

Here’s the thing. If you were to look at it from a realistic standpoint, then hell yeah, it sort of makes no sense. (FYI, I don’t understand why they didn’t just make her hair a bob from the onset — would she have really gotten her hair cut in Haiti?) There’s a lot of voodoo magic and explaining that could be done, but I agree with you that it’s hard to say.

But I guess … if you look at The Mindy Project as a story with chapters, and each “episode” is just a piece in — holy shit this is gonna sound pretentious — a thematic arch, then I don’t think it moves too fast. So, for example, if M/D get engaged at the end of this season, I’m sure some people would think they had moved way too fast, because they would be focusing on the calendar rather than where Mindy and Danny were in terms of their development. If you were to look at it in terms of their development, which is kind of my MO, way to feed the fam, etc, the process is so incremental and genius.

So I agree with you, but I’m so OK with what TMP presents to me as a series of chapters in a story (where timeline isn’t necessarily important — like in my MOST favorite movie, Shrek, where the timeline is at most two weeks between Shrek being cranky and stopping the wedding). I think it gets annoying when they throw in little details that make you question the timeline—like when Danny mailed the letter, how long Mindy was with Tom, Jeremy not being fat anymore just ‘cause, and Mindy’s hair. 

Oh, and the only other thing I can say is that Mindy Kaling called her hair the “fastest growing hair on primetime,” so I assume that the time lapse is a lot smaller than what it may realistically appear to be (or that’s the stance taken by the showrunner)

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I don’t have time to edit the new foxflash stills today, so I’m just going to upload the HQ versions like this and let you guys have at it! Also, have a rough storyline through Foxflash captions.

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Danny and Mindy

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Still from The Mindy Project finale “Danny and Mindy” airing May 6th

Still from The Mindy Project finale “Danny and Mindy” airing May 6th

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